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Hello Everyone,

My name is well it says it up top so I am guessing there’s  no need to say it again and sound crazy right, so let’s just get right into this short story of how I decided to start a web design career. Well first I don’t really look at myself as a “web designer”,  I more so see what I do as visual design and that leads me to my first set of credentials I have an Associate of Art and Design in Fashion Merchandise. 

My dream was to be a Visual Merchandiser for any big retail store. Once I graduated college and went to pursue my dreams I quickly realized that this was not an easy field to break into. So I settled for more then a few small retail stores, ultimately it wasn’t where my heart was and after 15+ years I decided to change directions. In 2015 I went into business for myself, with this business it required me to build my own website. I have always been tech savvy so I jumped in head first with no prior knowledge of web design or development, and boy was I in for a ride. I was up day in and day out working on my site it was addicting and exciting, any obstacles that came my way were like a new challenge and I had to conquer it I couldn’t rest until I did. The reward was so beautiful. I used the things I learned from visual merchandising to help me design my sites from selecting the right color scheme, visualizing the page layout for eye catching product placement, and allowing each page to tell a story. Being a self taught visual web merchandiser was the fun part that’s all the glitz and glamor that’s what drew me in. The other part of it is the UX side (User Experience) making sure that the site is user friendly and functional is the most important part, you can have all that glitz and glamour but if people can’t navigate their way through your site then the site is useless and I learned that the hard way. So I became very conscious and knowledge in that area. And here I am ready to take on the world and make your life easier as your Visual Web Merchandiser.                


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I build sites on the most popular CMS today – WordPress. I believe the platform to be user-friendly for most clients to manage their websites internally. I design using a modified UX process.


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If you have made it this far down the page then you have gotten very familiar with me and my work. Heres a live view click the image over there 👉🏾  Well if you’re  on a mini hand held computer also known as your cell phone then click the image up there👆🏾


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