The design concepts are owned by Designer Kaloni Cush they are not affiliated with the actual EYL brand YET!😉 

Design concept for EYL

As a proud Earner of EYL I noticed some spaces of opportunity for the ladies of EYL to be able to represent the university/brand in our own unique style.

Women Athleisure Wear

Get To Know The Girls Kim Sasha Anntionette Lexi Beatrice Ashley

Earner Kim

Is a woman in her mid 30’s who likes comfort but still wants to add a little style to her look as she pairs her matching 2 piece sweat suit with a pair of high heel boots

Earner Sasha

Is in her late 30’s and her motto is health is wealth she loves running errands in her work out clothing, so she enjoys functional work out gear with a little sex appeal to it.

Earner Anntionette

Is in her mid 40’s She is a mother of 3 who loves to be stylish but not to flashy while she is dropping the kids off to school or attending one of their after school activies. 

Earner Lexi

Is a 29 yr old woman who likes to mix a little sex appeal with classic pieces like her oversized cable knit boyfriend cardigan with shorts, low cut top, and ankle booties.

Earner Beatrice

Is a woman in her early 30’s she is a free thinker take over the world type of woman and her style represents her strong take charge demeanor.

Earner Ashley

Is a woman in her late 20’s when she goes out for lunch and shopping with the girls she likes a sexy simplicity look.

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